Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am still here

I don't know how to begin. I feel like I ought to write some long, angst-y explanation of why I suddenly stopped blogging but I don't feel up to it. I get the blues and withdraw from the world sometimes. Thank you to each of the lovely people who wrote comments to ask where I was and if I am ok. Sorry but I don't think I will respond to each of you individually. Will you forgive me if I offer you a few pretty pictures?

I have been mostly looking at spring through my windows this year. This is the view from my bedroom window.
I really need to get out more, get a little fresh air and sunshine. Today was beautiful, and since the next couple days have rain forecast, I figured I ought to have a look at my yard while I can.The plum tree by my kitchen window has started to bloom. I can't look at those flowers and not feel cheered.
The garden is full of weeds and badly in need of some TLC. Those geraniums should have been pruned back last fall. I hurt my knee in October and haven't done a bit of yard work since.
Things are springing up all over the place. These snapdragons grew by themselves in the crack between the house and the sidewalk.My camera's batteries need replaced. They don't hold a charge for very long. I charged them over night and then ran around the house snapping pix quickly before the batteries went dead.I don't know why but I can't get a good picture of how the wildflowers look except as closeups.

What just looks like grass in this picture contains thousands of tiny flowers.The cat divides his time between chasing butterflies in the flowers and waiting at the door for my husband to feed him.
Stupid kitty.This all will need to be dug by hand. The plow can't get in these narrow parts of the yard without trampling the plants I want to keep.
Everything looked pretty today.The field behind the house is full of pretty red flowers, but they don't grow much in my yard. I love to look at them, but it never looks as nice in the pictures.Luckily, my youngest picked me a hand full of them on his way home from school, right before my batteries went dead. (The color here is totally wrong. They are a deep, true red.)
Bye for now. InshaAllah it won't be another 6 months before I post again.


UmmFarouq said...

Alhamdulillah as-salaameh. We missed you. Spring has sprung and I hope your spirit has, too. Much love and du'a.

nina said... glad, so relieve to read your post again.
Wonderful pictures, as always.
Wish you the best wishes i can give.

Thoughts and prays from Indonesia.

بنت بيتر said...

Wooooooooooooow ma shaa Allah it so gorgeous there :)

Im sorry you are having a hard time!

May Allah make your affairs easy...

Nice to have you back... even if just for a salam


Mona Zenhom said...

Beautiful Photos mashaAllah. I'm glad you dropped by.

Anonymous said...

Salamaleikum rahmatullah wa barakatuh!
Alhamdulillah as-salaameh!!
I am so happy that you wrote us this little post, glad that you are fine.. Thanks a lot for all the beautiful pictures. You give us the chance to share spring in Palestine with you, my favourite time in that area.Wish I could be there.Can't tell you how much I missed your posts.Wishing you all the best.
Salam, Sebaha

alajnabiya said...

Thank Goodness for RSS readers, or you all would have forgotten me by now. I wasn't expecting to have any readers left! Thank you each for stopping by and your kind words. I took a few more pix today, but I am too tired to post them tonight. InshaAllah tomorrow.

wayfarer said...

very beautiful. so nice to see you post. :-)

Anonymous said...

One post is worth a qazillion sentiments.

Unknown said...

Alhamdulillah Assalama! Great to see you here again! By chance, or actually God's will, I stopped by today and found all these lovely photos! Alhamdulillah you are back. Please keep entertaining us.

Lavender © said...

il7amdlilaah 3la salama.. its nice to have found you blogging once more.. I have thought about you many times.. whenever I hear anything about Palestine... your garden is lovely masha'allaah.

Susie of Arabia said...

Glad to have you back - I was worried! Ok - the pretty pictures helped - I forgive you!

Bobby S. Gulshan said...

Just came upon your blog. its beautiful and inspiring. Ah, the restorative power fo spring! Thank you so much for sharing. Check out my space when you can, Thank you again.

Unknown said...

Kul Ammun wa inti bekhair. Missing your posts. Um Omar in Jordan.