Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My kids are happy this morning. After 2 weeks of winter vacation, they went back to school for one day, and then it snows! It started with hail last night.
By 6:30 am everything looked white. If there is any snow here, school and everything else is canceled. It's a public holiday!My kids are thrilled. They were jealous before when Jordan got snow and we didn't. The lemon and olive trees look funny with all the snow. I hope we don't end up with too many broken branches.I used to love snow when I was a kid, in Pennsylvania. But now, I dread it. Bah humbug! The house is cold, the water is cold, and the kids get half their clothes wet and it takes ages to get them dry in front of the space heaters. And my poor flowers! Snow on date palms looks weird. This is in my neighbor's yard.The blurry guy in the picture is my almost 16 year old middle son. It's still snowing out there, but I am too cold to take any more pictures for now.

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