Monday, April 14, 2008

wild gladiolas and daisies

I found this wild field gladiola in my front yard this morning. Every year one or two survive being plowed. I put my hand in the picture to give and idea how big they are. I wish there was some way I could coax more of them to grow, but every one I tried to transplant died, and didn't come back the next year.
The wild daisies in the picture below are easier to propagate. For the last few years I carefully pulled up all the plants when they finished blooming to save the seeds. My landlord found the box in the store room last summer, and threw it away, but alhamdulillah some of them still came back, but not as many as if I had been able to spread all those seeds around last fall.
Ah! My kids just came home from school, so no more time for descriptions.


Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

So pretty masha'Allah. The soil just isn't fertile enough here and there is so little rainfall. :(

L_Oman said...

Oh, they take my breathe away. I love your flowery posts! :)

alajnabiya said...

Thank you! L_Oman, did you move into your new house yet?

Anonymous said...

The wild gladioli are out here in Aegean Turkey at the moment, they are absolutely beautiful, much nicer I think than the hybrid ones.
To cultivate in the garden lift corms in autumn, store over winter then replant in spring. Remember to leave plenty to continue growing in the wild. I try to take 1 or 2 corms from each group I see, ensuring my picking them doesn't wipe out the group.

alajnabiya said...

Thanks for the advice, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. The problem is that this is in a field of olive trees that gets plowed a couple times each year, so by fall I have no idea where to look for the corms. I hope I see some again this year.