Sunday, September 28, 2008

Israelis for Obama

Well, I am convinced........ that there is no hope.
HT al-Falasteenyia


Ines said...

Speechless...and the alternative is what? Allah is with you all. He will not let you down.

Anonymous said...

just stumbled upon your webby.

McCain or Obama - it doesn't make any difference. The administration is mainly run by jewish. It's about choosing the lesser evil of the two.

Flicken said...

Obama is good. BELIEVE!

(For the tone-impaired, I'm being sarcastic. It makes me sick how many Muslims are pro-Obama.)

Unknown said...

GREAT find...! I hope you don't mind if I also host it on my site:

Keep up the GREAT work...!

alajnabiya said...

Sorry I haven't been responding to comments lately. I am just beginning to recover from my daughter's wedding.

Edddie, Why would I mind? I copied it from al-falistineeya.

Cool! Fliken reads my blog!

Ahalan wa sahalan.

Gabrielle Howard Gengler said...

I come by your blog very frequently. You haven't posted in many months. How are you and your family doing? Just a grandma from the states.

Gabrielle :)