Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ramallah at night

I know these pictures are pretty blurry, but I wanted to show what Ramallah is like at night at the end of Ramadan. We went out for iftar and then shopping. Look at the see-through people! I had the shutter speed set at 1 second.It was very crowded, but there were hardly any cars, and everyone was walking in the streets. The were street vendors selling balloons and toys all over the place, and everyone seemed cheerful except my poor husband. He hates shopping more than I do.
The guy on the left is selling sunglasses, and the girls in the red and pink hijabs are my daughters. I guess the good thing about blurry photos is that you don't have to worry about invading someone's privacy putting the pictures online.


asoom said...

Post up more Ramallah Pics!

alajnabiya said...

I am glad you liked them. I wasn't even sure I should post them because they were so blurry. InshaAllah I always wanted to take more pictures in Ramallah, but I feel very shy taking pictures when there are people around. You can see some of the pictures I have taken in Ramallah in No one is comfortable living in Palestine and The queen of procrastination. And there is one more (that I didn't take)of the lions at the Manara in Where lions wear wristwatches.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope that your exams and Ramadan are going well and that your family is recovering quickly from Gustav.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Love the pics - I like the burriness!

Insha'Allah you had a great Eid. :)

wayfarer said...

Nice to see these! Sorry i haven't done your tag...i have the post half done and just keep forgetting to go back and finish. :-/

ninja said...

Great pic! That place must be loud!