Sunday, February 24, 2008

choking 10 year olds for sport

A quote from an Israeli soldier in an article from Ha'aretz (an Israeli newspaper) about the human rights abuses of the Israeli Army in the West Bank. (via chroniques de palestine):

In another instance, soldiers at roadblocks choked 10-year-old Palestinians with their bare hands until the children passed out. "Hebron is like the Wild West and the army is the law," a soldier said. "We would see who could go without breathing the longest."

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Karin said...

That makes me SO MAD, so TERRIBLY MAD!! What rotten characters, what a heartless breed, how ruthless, cruel ... I wish I could snatch the boy out of his claws and hug him ... and show him there are people who do care a whole lot!!

I am dying to know where you live - I was an activist for some six years and might very well know your village or/and neighbourhood!


In solidarity ...