Saturday, May 17, 2008

Settlement on a mosque!?!?! Hebron / al Khalil

Buried, originally uploaded by subterranean_.

"From the rooftop of a Palestinian home you can see how the settlers are effectively building new homes on top of existing Palestinian houses and holy places. In the case of the Mosque below, because it could not be razed without fierce resistance, the settlers simply built above it.

The new settlers in the buildings above have recently arrived from Brooklyn, New York."

The situation in Hebron / al Khalil in the West Bank is one of the most shocking and extreme. Like many West Bank towns, it has settlements all around it, but there is also a settlement right inside the city. I have been reading about it for years, but this photo seriously shocked me. HOW can they build OVER a mosque??? Please look at this photo set on Flickr for more pictures and explanations.

West Bank Part Two: Hebron

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