Monday, July 28, 2008

2 minute rant

No time for blogging for me. We are having a big party today for my daughter to celebrate her tawjihi success. About 50 or 60 women and girls are invited for food and dancing and general partying. So as you can imagine, it has been a busy week. Naturally, there is plenty to do to get ready. Last night, in the evening when it started to get cool, my older daughter and I were preparing to do some baking for the party, when 2 of my sister-in-laws came for a visit. They thought it would be nice to have a chance to talk when there wasn't a noisy party going on, and to see my husband too, since he won't be here for the party. Unfortunatly he wasn't here then either, which they would have known if they had called. So we sat, drank tea, ate fruit, had coffee. Meanwhile, my dough rose over the sides of it's bowl. I finished cooking it at 1:30 AM. There was so much I meant to do last night. Why would someone come to visit the night before the party they are invited to? Seriously, didn't they expect us to be busy? And why won't people here CALL before they come. We have a phone. They have a phone.

Times up. My tea is ready and I have to get to work. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Just spent a month on Morocco and it is the same there. People just drop in any ole time of the day or night - never, ever calling first!

Have a GREAT party!

Lavender © said...

I would have welcomed them into the kitchen! lol

Susie of Arabia said...

Hope your party was a beaming success and you were able to enjoy yourself.
I agree with l.i.riyadh - you should have invited them to help in the kitchen - certainly they must know the amount of preparation that goes into hosting a large party like that. You could have told them, "How thoughtful of you to come over and help!"

alajnabiya said...

Sorry I didn't respond sooner to everyone's comments. The party was a big success, the food was fine and and my daughter was so happy. Mostly, my sisters-in-law are very helpful, but it was obvious that they had just come for a chance to sit out in the garden to talk that evening.