Sunday, July 20, 2008

bound and blindfolded prisoner shot with rubber bullet

I just saw a shocking video on al Jazeera. I know stuff like this happens, so maybe I shouldn't be so shocked, but still it is amazing to see it happen. Israeli soldiers had blindfolded and bound the hands of a protester in Na'alin village near Ramallah. There have been protests there the last couple months because they are putting the wall through the village's land. This young man had already been beaten, and then one of the soldiers raised his gun and shot him in the foot at seriously close range. When I can find a copy of the video online, I will post it. The footage was filmed by a 14 year old girl from the window of her house. Brave girl. Everyone here should have a video camera with them. After medics treated his foot they realeased him.

The only place so far I have seen this mentioned:

La Hawla Wala Quwata Illah Billah
There is no strength nor power except Allah

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Anonymous said...

This is awful but sadly as you say happens every day! It's good that the Israeli media reported it though