Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A 9 year old boy was killed in an anti wall protest

The village of Na'alin has been in the news lately, at least the news here. They have been protesting the construction of the wall which will cut much of the agricultural land from the village. These protests seem to always have a group of foreign or Israeli activists who are committed to nonviolence, but their protests are often forcefully dispersed. That is where the young man was shot in the foot with a rubber bullet while he was bound and blindfolded. The officer who was holding him has been suspended for 10 days pending an investigation into whether he actually ordered the shooting. And today a 9 year old boy was shot and killed. It is so sad.


XXX said...

Hi alajnabiya - thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. Your blog is also fascinating if incredibly depressing - I often wonder if there can be any hope in this situation. Vika

alajnabiya said...

LOL! Great, just what I wanted to hear, my blog is incredibly depressing! I need to start posting some more pictures of flowers. That's what I look to when it gets me down. Anything to avoid looking at reality.

So did they close up the wall in your neighborhood yet? Someone told me that they were closing some roads over there to do some work.