Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am afraid of “Taaaakh”

This video is from a promo for an Al Jazzera documentary. It was posted on Shaltaf, an Arabic blog, and then Global Voices Online provided the English translation.

The bomb entered from the window, then it broke all the other windows before the house burned.
All my things were broken. My toys were broken. And a lot my other things melted.
We threw everything with the garbage. Even my clothes were thrown into the garbage.
If you only smelled our clothes. Let the Jews come and smell our clothes and see our house.
Even my eye glasses that my father brought to me, I couldn’t be happy with. Even the bracelets that my mother bought to me, and the earrings and the rings, I couldn’t be happy with.
How am I supposed to be happy with them.. and my necklace … and all that. How am I supposed to be happy with my things?
I am afraid of “Taaaakh” (the sound of shooting) even .. and I shiver whenever I see it happening.


Moh'd Shaltaf said...

Thank you for publishing this video..

I really appreciate your efforts

alajnabiya said...

Thank you too!