Sunday, March 16, 2008

Witness - Two Schools in Nablus

Please watch this al Jazeera documentary called Two Schools in Nablus. (HT SabbahBlog)It makes you wonder how these kids manage to get an education at all. Be sure and watch the whole way to the end.

My kids don't go to public schools. We have scrimped and saved to keep 5 children in private schools, and I was never more grateful that we could than I was last year. The public schools were a mess, with teachers not getting paid and strikes all the time. My kids used to go to a school that was next to a checkpoint, and there were troubles there some times, with demonstrations or rock throwing leading to soldiers throwing tear gas and sound grenades. But believe me, the kids were not always the ones who started the problems. I have seen the soldiers wait near the boys' schools until classes let out, and then taunt them over the loud speaker from the safety of their armored jeep. I got tear gassed 3 times my self, while out shopping near a school. My children no longer go to the school near the checkpoint, because the wall cut off our access to it. The school the boys go to now isn't as good as the old one, but it is within a few minutes walk from our house, and there are rarely any soldiers around here these days. They have surrounded us with walls, and only need to guard the gates.

Here is the video, in 4 parts:

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