Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's kill the wildflowers day :-(

Bright and early Friday morning, I could hear the jingling sound of horses' reins. Two of our neighbors were plowing their fields with horse drawn plows, and soon after I could hear a tractor in another field. Every year seeing the fields plowed makes me sad. I know it needs to be done, but I love wild flowers so much it always surprises me that people can just see them as weeds.
This morning they started on the field in front of our house. No more pesky weeds, it's all nice and neat. And the bedu brought their flock of sheep to the field behind our house, and now all the pretty red anemones and yellow flowers are gone.
It really hasn't been a good year for the wild flowers anyway. It was so cold in February that many of the usual flowers were set back by the frost. Then as soon as it stopped snowing, the weather became unusually warm and dry.

Here's what the front field looked like a couple years back at about this time. (They gave the olive trees a hard pruning that year.)
That picture doesn't show just how much color there was.
If you think I am obsessed with the wildflowers....guilty.
But I don't get tired of looking at them. Some are so small, but they are each a miracle.Like a sign from Allah subhana wa ta'ala that there is always a reason for hope.
And that there is always something good in life if you look carefully.
And even if you are poor, some of the treasures in life are free.
When I used to live in an apartment, I used to go out into the fields and dig up a few wildflowers every spring with my kids and plant them in old yogurt containers,just so I could get a closer look at these beauties,
and because I couldn't afford a potted plant.
Maybe my neighbors thought I was nuts. Maybe they are right.
These gorgeous yellow clover flowers grow all over my back yard.
I won't let anyone plow there. I dig it all by hand after the flowers finish.
The purple flowers below are not wild, but the yellow ones are. How can you consider them weeds?
My apologies to anyone with a slow connection, if the page loads slowly. I try to keep the pictures small in size.

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Unknown said...

MashAllah. My kids also found some of those half blue and half white petite flowers here in Jordan. They are amazing, SubhanAllah. If you look closely, the color is not on separate petals, but mixed on one petal and split by the two colors. Amazing. MashAllah.